Rahul Kanakia’s short stories have appeared in dozens of publications, including Clarkesworld, Nature, and Birkensnake. He works as a copy-writer for clients in both Washington and Silicon Valley, helping them to tell stories about their projects. He’s been maintaining this blog, Blotter Paper, for eight years. And his debut book, Enter Title Here (yes, that’s its real title) is coming out on August 2nd, 2016! It’s a contemporary young adult novel that’s part metafictional romp and part drug-fueled anti-hero story–kinda like Gossip Girl meets House of Cards:

In order to score a book deal, an unscrupulous overachiever has to turn herself into a quirky, light-hearted YA novel protagonist. But after she’s caught plagiarizing an assignment, Reshma Kapoor will need to decide how far she’ll go to get a satisfying ending. (Note: it’s pretty far.)

Publisher’s Weekly called it “mordantly funny story of an overachiever who takes ‘write what you know’ to new extremes.” And Bookpage said it was “a definitive metafictional experience.” And the Barnes and Noble teen blog said, “Reshma is a genuinely unique protagonist: unintentionally funny, often mean, and uncompromising in the lengths she’ll go to get what she wants.”



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