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There are so many pop and country songs about the interstitial period in relationships

I listen to a lot of country music, and one of my favorite songs of this year was the Brothers Osborne’s Stay A Little Longer, which is about two people who aren’t really together, and who’re maybe even on the verge of splitting permanently, but who keep hooking up. (Of special note, it’s kind of a […]

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Straight men don’t talk to each other about the details of sex

Thought this was a well-known fact, but was just having a discussion with my roommate Sasha and a friend of hers, and they were surprised when I told them that straight men don’t really talk very much about sex. Like, men will talk extensively about women: which which women are attractive and which they’d like to […]

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M/m porn produced for straight women is not as harmful to society as lesbian porn produced for straight men

My fellow science fiction writer Sunny Moraine wrote a post setting forth her frustration with the rhetoric that comes out of straight women who write m/m porn. Basically, Sunny is totally fed up with the way that these women claim to be striking a blow for freedom and equality. “Redeeming” gay romantic relationships is patronizing. Focusing […]

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