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2015 Writing Stats

Well, this year, for the sixth year in a row, I exceeded last year’s wordcount. I wrote every day. I wrote more than two hours a day, on average. And I wrote about 2,100 words a day. And I did it without a corresponding reduction of time associated with reading. All that is good. However, […]

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Reading statistics for the first eleven months of 2014

I felt this year like I didn’t read that many books, but it turns out that I read almost exactly as many books (and put in almost exactly as many hours of reading time) as I had by this time last year. So I guess I’m pretty much holding steady on that. In total, I […]

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Got my thirteen hundredth short story rejection

I normally keep very close tabs on how many short story rejections I have, but this one slipped past me. I just happened to notice it when I was glancing at my spreadsheet. Mostly, this is because I’m not really focused on short stories anymore. I have so many unrevised stories left over from my […]

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