Engaged in a really delicate, painstaking revision process

Right before coming to Maine to spend a week with my parents, I finished a revision on my work in progress. Certain types of revisions, I find, tend to recur again and again. In this case, the revision was the sort where you make small changes to the first third of the book, moderate changes […]

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Working with an agent completely changes the emotional dynamics of writing a novel

Ever since signing with an agent way back in April, my novel has been chugging through revisions. They haven’t been particularly major ones, but the novel has been much improved by alterations to portions of the backstory that had previously felt a bit thin or implausible. I have to say, working with an agent is […]

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The types of revision that are not a waste of time (for me)

For the past few days, I’ve been revising last year’s stories and sending them out into the world. (Although…actually…I might need to stop for awhile, because I’ve run out of places to send them.) The revising hasn’t been too extensive. Actually, I’ve made a conscious effort to start doing less revising. Before I finish the […]

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Revising that old stuff

Ever since late September, I’ve been writing iteratively: revising a story a half-dozen times before it’s even finished. And then I’ll often hold off on declaring it done until I’ve rewritten the ending a few times as well. The result is that by the time the first draft is complete, my stories have about as […]

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Some revisioning knowledge

I’ve been revising a novelette recently (the longest work I’ve written [well…except for the novel]) and I came to a conclusion about cutting words. Usually I’ll be going through a work for the tenth or eleventh time and I’ll suddenly realize that an entire scene, or an entire exchange, can easily be dispensed with. This […]

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