I actually learned nothing from assembling my list of all of the novels that I really love

I’ve spend several days looking at the list that I put together a few days ago. And as far as I can tell, I’ve basically learned nothing. I can tell because I actually had an epiphany about my own work the other day. Which is that the works of mine that I enjoy are the ones […]

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The time has finally come for me to read Revolutionary Road

Three years ago, I read The Collected Short Stories Of Richard Yates. And I really liked it. And then I got a copy of Revolutionary Road–his novel about the slow decay of a suburban marriage. And I opened it, read the first two paragraphs, and said to myself, “Not yet.” Ever since then, I’ve periodically […]

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Wrap-Up Season: Surprisingly Good Books, Part Two

Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac – I had to read On The Road for a class in college. It was okay, you know, nothing special. A friend recommended Dharma Bums to me, it was really good. Usually when Americans do Eastern religion, it highly annoys me. But Jack Keroauc’s Buddhism is so simple, so silly, […]

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Dear Richard Yates, where are the goddamned epiphanies that I paid for?

I don’t like bookstores much. I like libraries. I like to check out a dozen books at a time and then read only three of them, and renew the rest again and again and check them out year after year, until I finally (maybe someday) gain the maturity to realize that I will never, ever […]

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